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7 Ways To Pray For Your Pastor

Do you pray for your pastor? Maybe you have never thought of it. Maybe you have, but have never known how. It’s okay, but as the daughter...

Your Prayers Matter To God

Written by Henry Hall: Alright, I would like to start off this message by making a confession: I have been neglecting my prayer life a...

Using Failure As Fuel

I’ve spent my life striving to bring true worship to the feet of Jesus; however, there was a time when my failures silenced my worship and,

An Open Letter for Incoming College Freshmen

I know there are so many things you could be feeling right now. Possibly excited, slightly anxious, and maybe even a little fed up with your

A Perspective On Biblical Fatherhood

When asked to write a post about being a Biblical father, I was immediately convicted. How can I write a blog about this topic when I...

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